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SubjectRe: devfs patch v3
On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Tethys wrote:

> >> Old system in /dev. New SCSI names in /dev/disk, along with IDE.
> >> Volume lables and serial numbers in /dev/vol, as links to the
> >> right disks and partitions.
> >
> >Hear, hear! The voice of reason.
> No, not really. I *don't* want devices for accessing my SCSI CD-writer,
> tape drive and scanner in a directory called "disk". Call it /dev/scsi,
> and I'll agree with you. Or are you suggesting having a /dev/scanner,
> /dev/tape etc., and splitting SCSI device names across directories?

Good point. We need to maintain human-distinguishability of the different
SCSI device types, so under /dev/scsi should be things like
/dev/scsi/disk-sOmEtHiNg, /dev/scsi/tape-sOmEtHiNg, etc.
I agree that making directories for *everything* would get out of control.
The top-level directory should be reserved for names that more-or-less
match the old-style names, for backwards compatibility. Of course, if
you're running an all-devfs system, then you could turn the old-style
names off with a config option and use only the /dev/scsi/blah names.
This improves performance somewhat for those massive disk farmers.
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