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Subjectouch? pre6 kerneld problems

Hi all. This one is really strange to me. Possibly someone can explain

kernel: Ouch, kerneld:msgsnd buffers full!
last message repeated 207 times
kernel: flushed 81 old SYSVIPC messageskfree of non-kmalloced memory:
0003f358, next= 00d90000, order=1
kernel: Ouch, kerneld:msgsnd buffers full!
last message repeated 980 times
kernel: flushed 17 old SYSVIPC messages<4>Ouch, kerneld:msgsnd buffers
kernel: Ouch, kerneld:msgsnd buffers full!
last message repeated 2391 times

I've cut out all the date/time crap, hopefully its still clear. This
happened all of the sudden after two days of uptime, while dialing my isp.
Ok, the strange part is that I rebooted, tried to dial again, and it
happened again, and is still happening on that machine at this very minute

Aug 18 21:43:54 router kernel: Ouch, kerneld:msgsnd buffers full!
Aug 18 21:43:54 router last message repeated 321 times
Aug 18 21:43:55 router kernel: flushed 233 old SYSVIPC messages<4>Ouch,

The load on the machine is about 2.5 or so, but its completely unusable.
Before the reboot, I noticed that there were 15 of those request-route
zombies running. I remember hearing something about that being a poor
design, and we got rid of that.. Is this just some old program that I
have running on here that might have caused this?

Additionally, it kept timing out my connection to my ISP for about three
or four minutes, and then would just come back all of the sudden, at the
2.5k/sec or so of my PPP connection..

If this is a bug, someone will explain it coherently for Linus for us?

Thanks for any ideas.

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