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    SubjectTHANK YOU: K6 !!!

    Hi kernelistics! ;-)

    First I want to say a ***BIG***
    THANK YOU for all the reply to my
    K6-question and what to do to
    throw all that monopolistic
    dependencies out of my box
    (Throwing of DOMESDOS and
    M$-stuff was not that diffcult
    -- just install LINUX -- but
    the -- how should I say --
    exchange of the hardware
    is more harder ... as the name
    let one suppose ;-)

    Due to the heavy reply of
    my question, I think, the
    answers could be of common

    Two last questions: Should I collect
    the answers and the bits I have found
    so far and post it back to this list,
    even this is not directly kernel
    relevant, but could be of interest
    to those reading and writing to
    this list?

    Secondly: Does anyone know the
    relationships between the
    MHz counts stamped onto the
    K6's (P-rated!!! means "speed related
    to a _P_entium of _that_ internal clock ) and
    the real physical frequency they are
    working "inside" (less MHz, I think) ?

    THANK YOU again!


    E-Mail: Meino Christian Cramer <>
    Date: 22-Jul-97
    Time: 22:34:55

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