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SubjectSmall patch for sbpcd on 2.1.37-pre4 (and small question)
Hi. My gcc ( refused to compile drivers/cdrom/sbpcd.c, complaining
that it did not appreciate pre-processor commands in the middle of macros.
The following patch solved the problem:


--- sbpcd.c~ Sun May 4 19:18:26 1997
+++ sbpcd.c Sun May 4 19:38:28 1997
@@ -5285,11 +5285,11 @@
* bytes above).
+__initfunc(static void sbpcd_setup(const char *s, int *p))
+__initfunc(void sbpcd_setup(const char *s, int *p))
-void sbpcd_setup(const char *s, int *p))
msg(DBG_INI,"sbpcd_setup called with %04X,%s\n",p[1], s);
While I am talking about this, why is it that, since about 10 releases
ago, am I getting flurries of the following types of messages:

_isofs_bmap: block>= EOF(2,4096)

(where the last numbers may vary). I am getting one of those if I use
the auto-completion feature of bash, while looking at directories
within a mounted CDrom. That is,

cd /cdrom/ker<TAB><TAB>

and before the command is completed (correctly), the above message

I also get about two pages of these sometimes after starting the machine,
without touching the CDrom (the CDrom led lights while the messages are
generated). Otherwise, I can read the CDrom OK.

Can I sleep at nights?


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