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SubjectRe: New UseNet Gateway under construction
>Start an entire new news hierarchy if you wish, that exists _only_ in
>Usenet and does not have any mailing list subset or origin. But I
>think it will just meet the same fate that the comp.os.linux.*
>hierarchy sees outside of the announce group, it is utterly useless
>for discussion. The only way to pick out the signal from the noise is
>to use facilities such as those provided by, and that is
>really fucking sad...

Ok. That is the current situation after the initial complaints.

I would like to have the content of the mailing
lists somehow available. Can I simply zero out the headers and post it
like that?

I have used the linux.* in the past with good success especially if I am
getting into areas that I have not read up on.

Do you know who is the "owner" of the linux.* newgroups? If you are would
you let me take them over?

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