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SubjectProblem with route and pppd
I get the following error messages since I have
upgraded to 2.1.10:

On bootup (rc.inet):
SIOCADDRT: Invalid argument
route forgot to specify route netmask

When using pppd:
pppd forgot to specify route netmask

When having several transferts or a single transfert with
a loaded machine:

TCPv4 bad checksum from xxxxxxxxx to yyyyyyyyy, len=748/748/768

Is there a patch/workaround/explanation for these problems. Now, I
have 2.1.26 installed and this problem is still there. These problems
also seems to corrupt the kernel (system freeze) is the load is too
high (compiling several programs and downloading over my modem).

I have an 486DX-66, 16 Mo RAM.
My networking packages come from the Slackware distribution
(latest on

Thank you for you help,


Pierre-Martin Tardif, graduate student email:
Computer Vision and Systems Lab
Laval University, Ste-Foy, Canada phone: 418-656-2131, 4848

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