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SubjectShrinking kernel
Hello hackers,

I'm faced with the task of reducing the size of a
minimally-configured linux-2.0 kernel. The kernel I'm using now is
running a diskless firewall (boots from floppy, runs in a ramdisk). The
only things built into it are the floppy driver, TCP/IP networking
(forwarding, gatewaying, IP firewalling, masq, et al), and the ethernet
drivers. It's pretty small as is, but I'd like to push the envelope, so
to speak. :) I recall a great while ago some people who had downsized the
kernel by amazing proportions. I'm hoping someone can offer me advice as
to what areas I can hand-prune to tighten it up a bit. My boss (and
fellow engineer) has suggested cutting into fd.c and pulling support for
everything but the standard 1.44MB 3.5" floppy we're using. Can anyone
give any other advice for how to minimize the zImage?

Thanks fo much,
B. James Phillippe <bryan@Terran.ORG>
UNIX, Linux, networks, C, Perl, Java, etc.

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