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    SubjectULTRA DMA HDD

    Can anyone please help me ?!


    I was wondering if anyone knows if Linux currently supports the Ultra DMA
    hard drives. I recently bought a SAMSUNG 3.4 GB Ultra DMA hard drive and I
    created 3 partitions using DOS FDISK, formatted all of them and everything
    was perfect. No errors, no bad sectors.

    The first partition I left it for DOS, the second partition I made it
    "linux swap" (about 32MB) and the third one "linux native". I installed
    slackware 3.3 and at some point I got a lot of error messages like
    "Address mark not found", "Uncorrectable error"... etc. Very weird.
    I went back to DOS and tried to format that particular partition with
    FORMAT and this time I got about 8K in bad sectors.

    Since I figured out that probably it was a bad hard drive (not likely
    though because at the first format I got no errors) I took it back and
    exchanged it with another one of the same type. I repeated the same
    procedure and especially formated it first using DOS and ran SCANDISK with
    surface scan and got no errors, then I tried installing linux one more
    time and at the point when it was trying to make the swap partition with
    "mkswap" i got the same error messages. I went back to DOS once again to
    format the partition and I got about 6K of bad sectors again.

    Can anyone explain this thing to me ? Could it be possible that linux
    would damage the dard drive ?!

    On the DOS partition I installed Win95 and everything was ok... I
    checked it and there were no errors. The bad sectors always appeared on
    the linux partitions!

    All though it is possible that the second hard drive to be bad as well,
    it is very less likely since first time when formatted and checked with
    SCANDISK no errors were reported.

    I don't have the slightest idea what is going on or what to do.
    If anyone could give me an advice or an explanation I would really
    appreciate that. (Oh, forgot to mention that the motherboard has an Intel
    430TX chipset that supports the UDMA hard drives, so the problem could not
    come from the motherboard). The computer is an Intel Pentium 233MMX with
    32 MB SDRAM if that helps.

    Please help me!

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Boris Capitanu

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