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SubjectRe: Packaged Kernel

This is kind of peripheral to where the discussion has been leading, but I
thought I would throw this URL into the mix. I stumbled across this reference
to 'kprune' the other day, and it seems to be a pretty good idea. Basically,
it analyzes your .depend file, and prunes away the parts of the kernel source
tree that either don't have anything to do with your architecture, or aren't
set as options to compile. I ran it against the 2.1.21 source in debug mode
(it just tells you what it *would* do), and would have recovered about 14 megs
of disk space had I followed through. The script does not eliminate the need
for downloading the entire tree at least once, and I don't know how the pruned
source would handle patches, but it does minimize the wasted space on the

Here's the URL:


Terry L. Triplett NETCOM Interactive
Programmer/Analyst, Web Developer 1607 L.B.J. Freeway Dallas, Tx 75234
Bus: (972)481-5700 Fax: (972)481-5756

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