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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over Windows NT
Hi there,

> "Let's do system calls via RPC, how clean, how nice, I love Mach, I
> love external pagers..."
> ... Let's see you get 11.26MB/s over 100baseT with that system on
> something other than a 400MHZ Alpha, good luck even with that

That's a very good point. I was just amazed this days when reading about
Tanenbaum's Amoeba: he just assumes all machines will have hundreds of
megabytes, doesn't use (or don't know how to code <grin>) swap, not even

If we were stuck with what the "filosophers" say in books (and Tanembaum
said NFS is very poor as a Distributed OS; maybe he doesn't know it was
never meant to be one) we would be damned...

> I hope most people hacking Linux don't view systems design and
> engineering in this way, Linus has brought us up much better than that
> ;-)

Sure thing! In two years with Linux I currently know more about OS
Design than some of my teachers... :) I currently "use" linux-kernel as an
ever lasting Operating Systems/Compilers class :)).

BTW, I think Linux is mature enough not to need comparisons. When people
argue against Linux, just say it's the OS who supports the biggest number
of protocols, filesystem types, architectures, insert_your_need_here. If
it's wrong nowadays, soon it won't! :)

( Fabio Olive Leite )
( Computer Science Student )
( )
( Running Linux is like running an Amiga; )
( It gives you that "I don't buy Microsoft" feeling... )

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