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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over Windows NT
David N. Cicalo wrote:

> > 1) First and foremost - OS features make an operating system. As examples:
> > good SMP support (scalability), async IO and security are a MUST for today's
> > servers. As poorly as those features are implemented in NT, they are practically
> > nonexistant in Linux.
> Hmm, security non-existant? What security features are you missing
> exactly? SMP non-existant? Didn't someone post a message earlier today
> with kernel patches to be tested for SMP functionality? You'll have to
> be more specific on async-IO.

First and foremost we should all note that NT does not scale well after
2 processors. It just doesn't. Unix does.

> > 2) Second is hardware support. Its actually related to #1, since (and lets
> > be practical here) most hardware manufacturers are not going to waste their
> > time developing drivers for an operating system thats not widely accepted
> > by corporate America. NT, on the other hand, has support for just about
> > anything thats out there.
> That's why there is a world-wide cyber-community developing bits and
> pieces as the end-user community requires these drivers or added
> features, hence this user-list.

And doing an excellent job, I might add

> > Everyone and their brother is
> > writing windoze software for the same reason - NT's CORPORATE ACCEPTANCE.
> That's because they are led like sheep by MS as to what technological
> orientation their company *MUST* take. It goes without saying that MS
> is in the self-promotion game (like any good marketing strategy). It
> doesn't mean they are right, or more importantly, the only option.

We had a couple heads of a business come into SGI for a web training
They had just spend multiple 100k's for NT servers a counsle had
and they were amazed. Right in front of them was an SGI serving
videos to 12 different workstations. They couldn't even approach that
with their MultiProc NT boxes...

It's all marketing...

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Silicon Graphics
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