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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over Windows NT
>1) First and foremost - OS features make an operating system. As examples:
>good SMP support (scalability), async IO and security are a MUST for today's
>servers. As poorly as those features are implemented in NT, they are practically
>nonexistant in Linux.

dunno about async IO but SMP is there ... and securityt too .. not as good
as NT but it's there, but I can hack NT and so can I most linux systems,
but I see much more you can do to make your system safer on linux then you
can on NT

>2) Second is hardware support. Its actually related to #1, since (and lets
>be practical here) most hardware manufacturers are not going to waste their
>time developing drivers for an operating system thats not widely accepted
>by corporate America. NT, on the other hand, has support for just about
>anything thats out there.

I have been setting up NT's in the summer ... the hardware support for NTs
is NON-EXISTENT ... evrything has 95 drivers, not NT drivers ...

>3) Software support is the same as #2. Everyone and their brother is
>writing windoze software for the same reason - NT's CORPORATE ACCEPTANCE.

hmmm how long is unix here ... THAT'S HOW LONG PEOPLE ARE CREATING
SOFTWARE FOR UNIX ... and how long is NT here ... if you are willing to
pay for software there is just about anything for linux that is there for

> Face it - corporations are not going to buy Linux because it has Java
>support or because its international or because you get twice the performance
>over NT on the same hardware. However they are definitely NOT going to buy
>for lack of all of the above.

I have two companies installing linux over NT (and I'm doing it)... one
for web server, the other one for development enviroment ... if they have
a robot running HP-UX and they need development enviroment on a PC .. what
are they gonna install ... yes you are right LINUX ... it's definately
closer to HP-UX then NT

> I'd love to see Linux in a corporate environment - but to get the so
>called "snowball of corporate acceptance" rolling the OS has to be on par
>with other server OSs and with that will come corporate, software developer,
>and hardware manufacturer acceptance. There will be plenty of hype after

I beleive it's already there ... the only reason corporations are buying
NTs is because there is too much hype about NTs ... but i think by the
time the students of todays universities .. (who prefer linux) are gonna
graduate and go into these corporations .. i think linux and unix in
general will get much more exposure ...


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