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SubjectIDE IO probs
Thanks to Larry Augustin and Markus Gutschke, my
problems have been solved. Larry turned me on to
possible Io chip failure--and my home PC
motherboard (new IBM Pentium) caused the floppy
problem. Markus is right--shortening the IDE
cable to my office PC solved that problem.

Now I'm getting a new motherboard on exchange
which should solve the floppy interchange problem.
Lessons learned:

1. eide IS sensitive to cabling
2. quality control appears to be a dying thing
with some manufacturers

The Linux community is the best technical support

Tom Browder
ASI Systems International

P.S. Dell, Megahaus, and U.S. Computer Direct
have been very good about product exchange--but
they need to get on the Linux bandwagon for
certifying their machines.

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