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SubjectRe: Improvement to README
Dale R. Worley wrote:
> It might help if the README contained a listing of what programs and
> what versions are needed to compile and run that version of the
> kernel. README does tell you that you need gcc version >=2.7.0, and
> vaguely announces that you need "the new binutils package", but it
> doesn't mention the genksyms dependency, or the potential libc problem
> recently reported here. A lot of wasted time could be avoided if when
> someone discovers such a dependency, he could submit it as a patch to
> README and save everyone else from having to find out the hard way.
> Dale
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It's in there:



- there is a lot of documentation available both in electronic form on
the internet and in books, both Linux-specific and pertaining to
general UNIX questions. I'd recommend looking into the documentation
subdirectories on any Linux ftp site for the LDP (Linux Documentation
Project) books. This README is not meant to be documentation on the
system: there are much better sources available.

- There are various readme's in the kernel Documentation/ subdirectory:
these typically contain kernel-specific installation notes for some
drivers for example. See ./Documentation/00-INDEX for a list of what
is contained in each file.


- list of changes that break older software packages.



This document contains a list of the latest stable releases of the most
important packages for Linux as well as instructions for newcomers to
the 2.0.x series of kernels. By glancing through it, you should be
able to find out what you need to upgrade in order to successfully run
the latest kernels.

Might help if a reference to the Changes file were in the README


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