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Subject2.1.21 patches for a clean compile
As part of the never ending search for truth, justice and a clean
kernel namespace, I compiled 2.1.21 with every legal option, modules
wherever possible. There are still several compilation errors and
warnings, patches will follow in 8 separate mails, one per major kernel

What does it take to get these compilation errors fixed? Some of them
go back to 2.1.16. I've mailed patches to this list, I've mailed
patches to Linus, I've mailed some patches to the responsible
developers and there are still silly errors in the kernel source. It
is getting very frustrating having to redo these patches for new
kernels when the errors affect everybody who uses those sources. Sigh,
one last try at getting them fixed.

Even with the 8 sets of patches, there are still some compilation
errors and warnings. The responsible developers need to look at these
(bcc'd on this mail). Sources that fail to compile :-


Sources that compile with warnings :-

drivers/net/apricot.c no email address for developer

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