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Hi *,

I am looking for a solution for a very ugly problem:

The company I am working for is connected to the Internet via a
Linx-Firewall. This is working pretty well. We use IP-masquerading
to give people, sitting at PC's with private IP-adresses (172.30.x.x)
the possibility to 'surf'.
Now my problem: There are people out there who need to work on several
specific machines inside our 'safe' Intranet. So this machines have to
look like they have public IP-adresses to the outside.

I think the Firewall should act like more than one machine (multiple
IP-adresses, IP-aliasing?) and then handle the IP-pakets (firewall-rules)
and send them to the specific host with the private IP-adress inside our

Did anybody hear about a cute little daemon or module that can handle this?

Help very appreciated!


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