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SubjectCompilation problems with 2.1.20, first report, part 2
I left off the listing of compilation problems:

- drivers/char/pcwd.c: Does not support both Rev. A and Rev. C at the
same time, but configuration script does not prevent user from
specifying both.

- drivers/char/pcwd.c:366: Missing '}' to close for loop.

- drivers/net/hdlcdrv.c:56: insert #include <net/ax25.h> if
CONFIG_AX25 is defined so that ax25_{encapsulate,rebuild_header} are

- drivers/net/wic.c:923: references "dst", which is undefined.

- drivers/net/strip.c:1817: Calls arp_find with 5 arguments, but
prototype in include/net/arp.h has 2 arguments.

- drivers/net/de600.c:92: MODULE_PARM call gives compile errors.

- drivers/net/scc.c: Multiple problems

scc.c: In function `scc_notify':
scc.c:350: structure has no member named `free'
scc.c: In function `scc_rxint':
scc.c:551: structure has no member named `free'
scc.c: In function `scc_net_init':
scc.c:1543: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type
scc.c: At top level:
scc.c:1975: conflicting types for `scc_net_rebuild_header'
scc.c:205: previous declaration of `scc_net_rebuild_header'

Difficulty with scc_net_rebuild_header, compared with wic.c suggests
that the *_rebuild_header function prototype has been changed but not
all parts of the kernel have been revised to reflect it.

- drivers/net/pi2.c:1404: Final ':' should be ';'.

- drivers/scsi/st.c:3050: ST_SYSV undefined.

- drivers/cdrom/sjcd.c:109: MODULE_PARM macro giving trouble.

- drivers/cdrom/isp16.c:65-68: MODULE_PARM macro giving trouble.

- drivers/isdn/pcbit/drv.c:754: No structure member named "free".

- drivers/isdn/pcbit/layer2.c:126,392,687: Reference to unkown struct members.

- drivers/isdn/isdn_common.c:182,311,759,761,826,835: No structure
members named "free" or "lock".

- drivers/isdn/isdn_net.c:758,1302,1308,2083,2089,2093: No
structure members named free, header_cache_bind

- drivers/isdn/isdn_tty.c:187,264,269,492: Unknown structure members.

- drivers/isdn/isdn_ppp.c:652,726,821,913,934,950,968,1058,1140,1154,1324,
1337,1371: Unknown structure members.

- drivers/isdn/teles/mod.c defines "io" and "irq" globally (seen in teles.o)

- drivers/char/wdt.c defines "io" globally

- drivers/isdn/pcbit/module.c defines "irq" globally (seen in pcbit.o)

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