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SubjectRe: Lockups on 2.0.15-2.0.18
[ Kevin Fenzi ]

> Is there anything I can do to further track down the problem? I get
> no oops or other output, the machine just locks up solid (perhaps
> trying to swap to the disk?)

I have experienced this as well (Tyan Tomcat II). The odd thing is
that clocking my CPUs down from 133 to 120 seems to make the problem
go away. So, of hardware problems and subtle race conditions, I have
so far targeted the first in my investigations. It seems I'll have to
reconsider this.

I don't think the swap-theory holds here, but I believe it to be

I am also able to lock up 2.0.0, by the way. If I start a kernel
compile, some /usr/games/primes, Quake, and then move/resize windows
in X a bit, things tend to lock up hard. X-activity is no necessity,
though, I have had lockups using Gnus as well.

Running an otherwise equal uniprocessor-kernel, no hardware changes, I
am unable to reproduce the lockups.



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