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9 Sep 1996

[New] Could this be a kernel problem ????Andrew Lau
[New] Oops with 2.0.11Chris Adams
  Re: [off-topic] Fully virtualisable CPUsEdward Welbon
  phys_p = (uchar *) virt_to_phys(putp) ?????Edward Welbon
[New] Re: [off-topic] Fully virtualisable CPUs (fwd)Edward Welbon
  Re: Lockups on 2.0.15-2.0.18Anthony Pardini
[New] Re: SCSI CD-ROM driver bug in 2.0.14?"Ulrich Windl"
[New] pppd: Unknown protocol (0x802b) recievedChris Avery
  Re: writing to POST leds?Linus Torvalds
  Fork bomb."Shane R. Stixrud"
[New] annoying behaviour of apmKlaus Lichtenwalder
  Re: [off-topic] Fully virtualisable CPUsAlan Cox
[New] IPX network number collision(Mike Bremford)
  Re: 2.0.18 -> MASQ: failed TCP/UDP checksumNigel Metheringham
  Re: Lockups on 2.0.15-2.0.18Alan Cox
  Re: Pageable memory from kernel-mode?"Volker.Lendecke"
  Re: 2.0.18 locks up during sound initHannu Savolainen
[New] 2.0.18 locks up during sound initDuncan Roe
  Re: Lockups on 2.0.15-2.0.18Arne Georg Gleditsch
[New] clock -w erases CMOS time(Hugo HAAS)
[New] Floating point exception(Daniel Dunn)
[New] PS/2 auxiliary device driver memmory leak fix"Martin.Dalecki"
  Re: PS/2- auxiliary device memmory leak fix."Martin.Dalecki"
[New] Interesting SCSI messagesDavid Monro
  Re: writing to POST leds? [email protected] ...
[New] "Other ISA Cards" configuration option"Brett Thomas"
  Re: Fork bomb."Andrew E. Mileski"
[New]"Brett Thomas"
  Re: pppd: Unknown protocol (0x802b) recieved"D. Chiodo"
[New] Comments about PPro-Mainboards ?Herbert Wengatz
  Re: Lockups on 2.0.15-2.0.18Kevin Fenzi
[New] FAT errors"Sheldon E. Newhouse"
  Re: your mail"Michael J Field"
  Re: Fork bomb.David Schwartz
[New] what happened to cdu31a=?"Marty Leisner"
[New] Kernel message in 2.0.18Alex Kiernan
  Re: signed int for interrupts??"Marty Leisner"
[New] Jiffies overflowTyson D Sawyer
  Re: your mailHans Lermen
[New] irq.h/pppRussell Berry
  Re: What to do (fwd)"D. Chiodo"
[New] irq.h/pppRussell Berry
  Re: NE2000 Module Problem"Andrew E. Mileski"
  Re: Conner 1060S (was "more NCR53c8xx ext2 problems")(Frohwalt Egerer)
[New] using ip alias and servers"Marty Leisner"
  Re: signed int for interrupts??Steve VanDevender
  Re: NE2000 Module Problem(Eberhard Moenkeberg)
  Re: Fork bomb.Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
  Re: signed int for interrupts??Jon Lewis
  Re: Fork bomb.Chris Evans
  Re: NE2000 Module ProblemPhilip Blundell
  Re: NE2000 Module Problem"Andrew E. Mileski"
  Re: Speeding up screen output for dialog(Andreas Koppenhoefer)
  Re: signed int for interrupts??Giles Douglas
  Re: NE2000 Module ProblemJacques Gelinas
  Re: NE2000 Module Problem(Alan Cox)
[New] Order in init/main.c ?"Andrew E. Mileski"
[New] 2.0.18+ISDN => general protection crashHerbert Rosmanith
  SCSI Problems!"Prof. Jake Messinger"
  Re: NE2000 Module ProblemPhilip Blundell
  Re: NE2000 Module Problem"Andrew E. Mileski"
  Re: irq.h/pppJason Burrell
  Re: NE2000 Module Problem (Try this patch)Jacques Gelinas
  Re: pppd: Unknown protocol (0x802b) recievedAaron Wrasman
[New] Sound init patch doesn't work for meDuncan Roe
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