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SubjectRe: 2.0.18 -> MASQ: failed TCP/UDP checksum
Date said:
} I got this in my /var/log/kernel file today. These were generated
} when a Windows for Workgroups client was using Netscape Navigator
} through masquerading. I use masquerading a lot and have never seen
} this one before. My external connection is through PPP; the internal
} client is connected via thinnet (each using NE2k's).

They mean that the incoming data packet was corrupt - or at least it
failed its checksum. The masq code used to just rewrite the packet
headers and force the checksum to be right (thus falsely validating
corrupt data), it now drops corrupt packets on the floor and
generates that kernel message.

It should probably do something else - update the error counts on the
interface?, inform in a more useful fashion?, not fill up the syslog!

Basically if its occaisional then ignore the message.
If its regular then the other end may be broken.
If its regular and distributed over many hosts start checking your
ethernet or other net connections!


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