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Dear Peter T. Breuer:

> First - this is the kernel developers private mailing list, not the "help me
> fix my equipment or setup problems" open forum.

First of all, this is not a "help me fix up my problems" type of question.
As I demonstrated quite clearly, I went to a great deal of trouble to
isolate the problem -- it is a data corruption problem which is found only
under Linux. I have received a post from someone considerably more friendly
indicating that the problem is a known data corruption problem with the
CD ROM drive I own and gave me a patch to test.

> You evidently have a memory problem. I would suspect you are also getting
> occasional programs segfaulting for no good reason too .. maybe deaths
> of gcc only to find that running it again works.

I have performed memory tests and not one of them has failed. And no, I am
not getting all sorts of segfaults in gcc or any other program, for that
matter. Except for this problem with the CD ROM drive my Linux system
works quite well -- so I do not "evidently have a memory problem".

> You should probably test your memory and start doing other tests to see
> if you can copy or compare another big file to itself successfully (try at
> least 1000 times to give the copy in memory time to degrade ...)

Save your "helpful" comments for someone who cares. If you don't understand
what I am asking for, then leave it alone and let someone else handle it.

> Please use or c.o.l.setup for this kind of problem
> request. Use this mailing list for detailed bug reports of kernel
> problems or patches to fix same.

Please use linux.stupid.responses for your posts. Thanks.


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