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SubjectRe: Two 2.0.10 problems?

On 6 Aug 1996, Joe Fouche wrote:
> 1) I ran 'strings /proc/kcore | less' once and the system seemed
> to die horribly. Someone might want to check this out, but I'm
> not sure if it's reproducible because I'm not willing to try
> it again :)

This is not a kernel problem.

/proc/kcore contains the kernel address space, and that address space
_includes_ any memory-mapped devices (the 640k-1MB range, for example).
As such, uncontrolled access to that file will result in undefined
behaviour (that's partly why the file is only root-readable).

The same thing can happen with /dev/mem and /dev/port.

> 2) The lp driver seems to behave badly when my printer is turned
> on. I'm using an HP DeskJet 540. Basically, when the driver
> is installed (I've seen the same behavior via module or built-in
> support), it will say
> lp: Driver configured but no interfaces found.
> instead of
> lp1 at 0x378 (polling)
> In short, the driver only starts correctly if I have the printer
> off when it starts. This is a bug, right? :)

Sounds like a bug. Anybody have an idea about this one?


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