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7 Aug 1996

  Re: reading ide cdroms <msmith@quix ...
  Re: Two 2.0.10 problems?Systemkennung Linux
  Re: serial ports(Chris Blum)
  Re: New CDU31A/CDU33A maintainer needed(Eberhard Moenkeberg)
[New] IP securityJauder Ho
[New] Problems with"Darrin R. Smith"
  Re: Linux-2.0.11"Stephen C. Tweedie"
  Re: I/O request ordering"Stephen C. Tweedie"
  Re: cant build ramdisk :-(Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
[New] Serial Port problem with Linux-2.0.9/10/11(Wallace Poon)
[New] 5% reserved discrepancy (minor nitpick)Robert Woodcock
[New] Bug in ipx_sendmsg?(Volker.Lendecke)
  Re: Two 2.0.10 problems?Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
[New] IDE errors with 2.0.11Kevin M Bealer
[New] Virus 'protection' departitionmentThorin Kend Linderholm
[New] Re: serial portsBaard Johannessen
  Re: Floppy drive no longer works, how do I boot?Baard Johannessen
  Re: What process is on which processor (SMP)Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
[New] Assembly and portingJohn Twilley
[New] Re: proc fs and shared pidsLinus Torvalds
[New] Strange Reboot with 2.0.0 (Possibly a triple fault?)"Eric W. Biederman"
  Re: Linux-2.0.11Linus Torvalds
  Re: Oops in get_hash_table"Bernd P. Ziller"
  Re: Oops in get_hash_tableLinus Torvalds
  Re: Two 2.0.10 problems?(Paul Slootman)
  Re: proc fs and shared pidsLinus Torvalds
  Re: Two 2.0.10 problems?Linus Torvalds
  Re: IP securityTodd Graham Lewis
  Re: Serial Port problem with Linux-2.0.9/10/11Mike Kilburn
[New] 2.0.11 ramdisk(Harald Koenig)
  Virus 'protection' departitionmentPhilippe Strauss
  Re: Virus 'protection' departitionmentBryn Paul Arnold Jones
  Re: Linux-2.0.11Robert L Krawitz
[New] shared memory(Ian Reid)
  Re: I/O request orderingLinus Torvalds
[New] Security flaw when killing a process?Stefan Reinauer
[New] Re: Re: serial ports mike@conexio ...
  Re: PCI bridge optimization - stable?Linus Torvalds
  Re: What process is on which processor (SMP)(Christopher T. Johnson)
  Re: proc fs and shared pids(Peter Eriksson)
[New] 2.0.11 hangs on initialising soundblaster16Ronald Schalk
[New] Re: proc fs and shared pids (fwd)Jim Nance
[New] VAX port?Elliot Lee
  Re: proc fs and shared pids(Al Longyear)
  Re: Two 2.0.10 problems?Matthias Urlichs
  Re: Problems with(Eric W. Biederman)
  Re: Virus 'protection' departitionment"Ian Whalley"
  Re: IP securityLinus Torvalds
  Re: Floppy drive no longer works, how do I boot?Bob Nielsen
  Re: Linux-2.0.11Robert L Krawitz
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