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31 Aug 1996

[New] How many jiffies is mmap() allowed to take in a row?(Harald Kirsch)
[New] Simple question regarding IP_FORWARDING(Rajnish Sinha)
[New] pre-patch-2.0.16John Storrs
[New] Re: uugetty/pppd crashing systemTudor Popescu
[New] Re: why can't select() sleep for 1 jiffy?Linus Torvalds
[New] recent patchesRussell Berry
[New] floppy trouble(Ervin D. Walter)
[New] cdrom err & 2.0.15(Roeland Th. Jansen)
[New] Re: pre-patch-2.0.16Michael Driscoll
  Re: cdrom err & 2.0.15(Ralph Sims)
[New] Q: swap usageHerbert Rosmanith
[New] Re: How many jiffies is mmap() allowed to take in a row?Mike Robinson
  Re: Q: swap usageHerbert Rosmanith
[New] FYI -- Linux-2.0.16 -- Ftape still brokePete Clements
[New] patch-2.0.16Bob McCracken
[New] EIP with 2.0.10Jon Lewis
[New] Patch for mount util"Steven N. Hirsch"
[New] 2.0.16 & ping/traceroute(Edwin Huffstutler)
  Re: 2.0.16 & ping/tracerouteJon Lewis
[New] 2.0.16 still has old (broken) 3c59x driver, still bug reports0xdeadbeef
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