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SubjectBad hardware cause of dying at 'Checking 'hlt' instruction' ?
I am trying to figure out what the hardware problem of a PC here is. It's
acting weird, crashes a lot and can't handle ethernetcards without me
needing to turn it off and on. (It's a nobrand board with an Award bios,
and an AMD120 (Also tried an AMD100 before)

During my testing, i tried to boot a linux kernel. At 40 or 33 Mhz the
bootdisk end at: Checking 'hlt' instruction...
At 25Mhz it is able to get to: Checking 'hlt' instruction... Ok.

But I never get anything after this. I changed quite some hardware so I
personally think it is related to my BIOS/Motherboard/fast processor
combination (No problems with an Intel dx2 66)

Has anyone gotten similar experiences to help me in my quest?

Due to my recent postings in various Usenet newsgroups, I have been flooded
with unwanted, unsolicited, commercial email. I have taken steps to automate
my, not so polite, retaliation. I am sorry I am forced to do this, but I
am receiving several junk emails a day now. You have been warned.

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