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SubjectRe^2: Telnet does not work in 2.0.10 ??
Michael Slater wrote:
> When using Linux kernel version 2.10, Telnet seems to be broken.
> I cant even telnet to localhost. It says trying and just sits
> there and does nothing. Telneting from another Linux Box into the same
> machine does not work either. But if i telnet in from a Windows machine
> the ethernet, it works just fine. Anybody have a clue whats wrong ?

David Dight wrote:
>Works fine on our system. We're running 2.0.10. We can telnet to and from
>the system with no problems. Check your net setup.

I have Caldera setup at home and noticed that the routing table did not
have a route for the network. I checked the network setup files
and found that when it called the route add command,it was calling it with
"route add -net", and it should be using "route add -net".
I also noticed that (since I had upgraded to kerneld and kernel loadable
modules, I did not have an alias for the loop-back device to the dummy.o
so whenever a call was made to the lo device, it was going to the bit

Check these things -- might be how Caldera and their route binary works.


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