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SubjectRe: shell/tcp server failling(looping)

This is _not_ a kernel issue. This is inetd detecting too many
connections to a single service in a short period of time. Either tell
inetd to allow more rapid connections, bypass inetd, or slow down.


On Fri, 16 Aug 1996, Klaus Lichtenwalder wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an application that for simplicity backs up new files from a file
> server via rsh. Things thingy stops after a few rsh calls to the remote
> Linux machine. The following message can be found in syslog:
> Aug 16 17:53:59 gaston inetd[73]: shell/tcp server failing (looping),
> service terminated
> Needless to say, the backup scripts then hangs idle.
> I can reproduce it on kernels 1.2.13, 2.0.x
> netstat -t reports many TIME_WAIT connections, the faster the machine
> the more those connections. After some time those connections vanish,
> but service doesn't resume?
> Trying the same thing on, e.g., AIX works flawlessly. They have quite
> some connections, too, but stabilize on a fixed number and continue to
> work.
> Here's my test-script:
> while :; do rsh <remote machine name here> pwd; done
> Cheers,
> Klaus
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