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SubjectTrouble with affs filesystem on SCSI disk

I just received an Asus SC200 scsi board (with NCR53C810 chip)
and I tried to mount some Amiga (affs) partitions from 2 SCSI
disk (one is SCSI-1, the other is SCSI-2).

With linux-2.0.5, the disks are detected with the right parameters
but when scanning them, linux just say

sda : unknown partition
sdb : unknown partition

Did I need some patches to see the affs partition scheme or is the
driver affs only for IDE disks ? (I known the affs is experimental)

Thanks in advance.


P.S. please reply at
Btw, the disks are ok, and use only FFS international
filesystem for amiga (WITHOUT directory cache).
Olivier De Smet

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