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SubjectRe: Threas Question
There is something thread-like called clone - a good idea might also be
to use e.g. PVM - I have a program which I parallelized using PVM to
run on a cluster of workstations. I also have two dual-CPU Pentiums and
much to my surprise discovered that this program would run on those
machines using both CPUs 100% without any code change - speed-up not as
good as a cluster: cluster of 2 P5-90 = 1.7x speedup, dual P5-100 =
1.4x speedup - this is most likely due to cache contention - I'll try
to find someone who has a dual or quad P6 and test that there, should
be better because each P6 has it's own cache. However: P5-100 = 83 sec.,
dual P5-100 = 59 sec., single P6-200 = 19 sec :-) - now I would like to
know what will happen on a dual or quad P6-200 - I know that a cluster
of two P6-200 systems will run it in 11 sec.


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