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SubjectRe: Alan's bug catalogue/SCSI hangups-update
Just for the hell of it, I re-installed 1.2.13 tonight and successfully
tared 494 Mb from SCSI disk to Exabyte tape.

I then tried the same thing with 1.99.10 and it crapped out after about
five minutes.

For me at least, this proves that my hardware setup is OK and that the
problem _must_ be in the kernel somewhere. Unfortunately, I cannot
offer the slightest idea as to where.

To reiterate, I have a 486-33 with 16Mb, an IBM 1Gb SCSI disk, an
Adaptec 1542C and an Exabyte 8200 plus two IDE disks. No CD.

All SCSI code is builtin to my kernel but I do use kerneld to manage
modules for PPP and a few other bits and pieces such as MSDOS FS.


Stephen Davies Consulting
Adelaide, South Australia. Voice: 61-8-2728863
Computing & Network solutions. Fax : 61-8-2741015

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