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SubjectBoot logo junk

I think all this junk talk about having a boot logo like windows 95 is
really dumb. The first thing i did after installing windows95 is edit
msdos.sys and put there logo=0 so that I can see what's happening at bootup
and not see that pathetic windows95 logo.

I love linux and i think windows 95 isn't that bad in doing what it's
supposed to do. but i don't think we should hack the linux kernel and add
more bug possibilites just so that it looks like windows95.

Linux is supposed to be a stable system in which the administrator should be
seing what's happening at bootup.

If you want to implement toys it should be done in user land. And I think
all this talk should be moved to linux-config (or linux-junk) because this
list has lately had too much talk about non-kernel related stuff. It should
be what it was intended for, kernel related things, bugs, development (real
kernel development).

Don't even Cc: an answer to this to linux-kernel@ because it will just flood
the list with unnecessary non-kernel related mails. Check out other mailing
lists for linux at A lot of things posted here aren't
supposed to be on the kernel mailing list.

Andi Gutmans

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