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SubjectRe: real kernel bloat
> Load of 40?  Try a load of 300/400 with 200 of those processes being
> crashme invocations and the rest being parallel builds, this is on an
> SMP 4 processor SS10 with 130MHZ HyperSparcs, and yes it runs
> SparcLinux.
> Meanwhile I can bring Solaris2.x down in under 30 seconds flat on any
> sun4c/sun4m out there with very little effort....

Intel Linux pretty much barfs too when doing tons of mmaps/munmaps.

> I can't wait until there is a proof of concept SparcLinux box out
> there doing "real work", and I think there will be soon. Anyone will

Donate a Sparc and you got a deal! :P

> agree with me who has ever dealt with Sun support when they have hit a
> serious bug ;-)

Aye Aye capt.

DEC is just as bad. We only do 90 day on our new Alpha and sometime
after the 90 day was up I called to report a linker bug, I was
asked to give my access number.

"I don't need your help, you need mine, why do I need an access number?"

DEC Operator: "Duhhh, ok what was your problem again....?"



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