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SubjectTotal keyboard lock under 2.0: can reproduce

I use the following:

echo "keycode 119=Last_Console" | /usr/bin/loadkeys

to switch between VCs.
If I press the PAUSE key while SCROLL LOCK is enabled, it doesn't work (well,
sort of.. try it) and if I keep pressing it, the keyboard hangs. C-A-Del is
useless, too.

I've experienced this other times, always during a console switch.
I see some "keyboard error"s in /var/log/debug, the times are those I may
reckon, plus there are some other "keyboard error"s I wasn't aware of.

During 1.3.x and 1.99.x, keyboard errors on the console flooded on me only
when I was pressing three keys in the same row, or something similar.

Also, in my /var/log/messages, where a keyboard hang took place, I see
a row with ^@^@^@^@^@^@ (== \000).

Hope this helps.

I think I'll go for a terminal (or a whole 386.. I've bought some jumperless
NE2000 clones for about 3$ each, ain't that cheap?).

All The Best,

Win95 multiuser:
any number of users, one at a time.
Microsoft multiplatform:
any platform, as long as it's Microsoft.
Gates' multitasking:
as sick as possible, as long as you gimme you' fuckin' money.

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