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SubjectVirtual memory exhausted?

When I try to compile the kernel with "make -j zImage" it just stops with an
"Virtual memory exhausted" at ~60 % done, I thought that was due to all the
swapping so I upgraded to 64MB (had 32MB before) and I still can't do it.

It doesn't access the disc much so the swap couldn't be =that= exhausted. Any
clues to get this to work?

How much memory are you running on, when compiling (successfully) with -j?

Running linux2, 64MB, P133, AHA2940, /usr/src is IBM 1GB. I still only have
256kb of cache (I'm shopping for more) so it isn't much faster than with 32MB
but I think that wouldn't affect the virtual-memory-thing.

Nice to see the 2.0-release, btw. I'm having a linux2.0 release-party this
weekend, so if anyone happens to be in Stockholm; you're welcome. :)

// JaS

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