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SubjectRE: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
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Why is it that everybody on this mailinglist is going about it the wrong way?
Maybe it's because I'm primarily a windows user, but, I do have a solution. (I think)

Win95's Splash screen is in 320x400x256 (adaptive palette)

Rumor has it that the loading code for the bitmap is only 4 lines long!

and doesn't take any more than 3k memory.

Aside from detecting partitions and reading MSDOS.SYS, the spash screen is IO.SYS's

first duty.

The linux Kernel could do the same thing, just befor the kernel starts loading device drivers,
the kernel could load a bitmap of set length that is combined at the end of the kernel.

IO.SYS's layout:


Linux could use the same technique for managing bitmaps.

Or, at the very least, find a way to silence the KERNEL and it's output then log all output to a 64K ramdisk<grin>

and then also show a smal toggle that spins during loading, or something that shows that the KERNEL hasn't locked!

Here's my url: check it out:
As of july we will no longer have the Amiga user group, due to lack of response.

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