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SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1
From (Andrew E. Mileski) wrote:

> > Or what about a person with two removeable media SCSI drives. It
> > would be nice it the mountpoint could be specific to the actual
> > removeable disk so it doesn't matter which removeable drive the disk
> > is mounted in.
> Although I like your idea, I wonder if it is possible to incorporate
> this into existing filesystems? For it to be practical, I think
> _all_ fs types should be supported.

Solaris has been brought up already a couple of times in this thread;
apparently they had at least *some* good ideas :-)

The volume manager in Solaris will automount a cdrom under /cdrom/<volume>,
where <volume> is the volume label of the cdrom. A DOS floppy will be
mounted under /floppy/<volume>. A symbolic link to the first mounted cdrom
is available as /cdrom/cdrom0, so that you can easily access the cdrom
without first checking what the volume label is.

This behaviour takes a bit of getting used to, but once you've used it
for some time, it's quite pleasant.

For this to work on _all_ fs types (as suggested above), the fs type
should support some notion of a volume label.

Paul Slootman
Murphy Software, Enschede, The Netherlands There is no such thing
work: / as a coincidence.

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