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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
From: Michael Neuffer <>
> On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Alan Cox wrote:
>>> Say, isn't PnP made to for specific motherboards (read x86)
>>> and operating system (read Windows 95)?
>>> Whatever happened to idea that I can buy one card that works for Mac,
>>> Alpha, Sparc, Pentium, PowerPC, etc, etc, etc,???? Reminds me of PCI.
>>> Don't you think PCI Pnp beats the purpose of PCI?
>> PCI is plug and play (near enough) already. You just haven't been
>> counting the number of jumpers you set on PCI cards 8)
> Did you ever try to boot off a PCI SCSI controller with a
> BIOS/firmware for i86 in a MIPS or Alpha machine ?
> That works only with very few controllers/motherboard combinations.

It fails because the boards have a BIOS instead of PnP data.
A good PCI card contains something similar to byte-compiled
forth. This gives an architecture independent way to set up
the card. You should expect to see more of this because it
lets PCI vendors support the PowerMac at low cost. It's PnP.

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