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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
Bryn Paul Arnold Jones wrote:
[...on undelete...]

>If the undelete stuff was fixed, I'd want to have a cron job that scaned
>the undeleteable deleted files, and really got rid of them after a set
>time (depending on your avalable disk space anything from 1 hour to weeks).

I'd do it in the fs - deleted files would get purged whenever the
space they occupy is needed. Obviously you would assign priorities for
purging based on age (since deletion) and possibly size, maybe even
ownership. Netware does it this way.

I've heard it said that ext2 needs some free space to work with to
reduce fragmentation, so you may want to add an additional amount of
"real" free space into the equation.

You wouldn't have deleted files in the quota this way - since they can't
deny any resources to anyone else.

>except when you have users mailing that they can't save even though
>they've got no files in there home directory (though you could allow them

You get that already with most desktops.
"I went over quota so I've deleted some files but it still won't save"
"Did you empty the wastebasket ?"


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