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SubjectRe: Ideas for 2.1
>>>>> "Eberhard" == Eberhard Moenkeberg <> writes:

Eberhard> Did you ever build "your own" kernel?
Eberhard> You should try it, at least once.

Eberhard> If you like to try it: just follow the hint you see at the
Eberhard> second-last line of sbpcd's initialisation messages.

The thing that bugged me about sbpcd when I was fiddling with it a few
months ago was the statement in sbpcd.h ``user-serviceable parts!''
(which is still there in 2.0.0 I see).

This is not a reasonable thing to do when maintaining multiple
configurations out of the same source tree.

Why can't this kind of information be put into something accessible
from `make xconfig'? The sound drivers used to be broken in the same
way, but they were fixed.
-- baur
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