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SubjectRe: Ideas for 2.1
>    + Fixing all the bugs in source routing and IP tunneling.

I think they are do save those that meet..

> + Fixing the rest of IP `features' which are contary to the RFC's.

Except those where the RFC disagrees with practice or sense (reversing source
routes, tcp urgent).

> + Speeding up NFS.

Read is OK, write needs the work now.

> + Adding support for DHCP.
DHCP servers exist. Dunno if anyone has a client yet - usermode problem

> + Fix ICMP address mask request / reply.

Could do - nobody uses it. Adding stuff like the extended ICMP router discovery
might be better use of time.

> + Convert some network #ifdef's to sysctl()'s.

Definitely. The last few I had off Mike Shaver missed 2.0 alas.

> + Maybe implementing some sort of asynchronous I/O?

POSIX.4 signals, then put posix.4 aio in with clone.

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