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Subjectinodes ? kernel problem

Is there a program available that will match inode
numbers to a file, so that I can see which inodes a file
is using ?

I ask this as since upgrading beyond about pre2.0.7
I always get deleted inode errors on my root partition
when rebooting.
I always e2fsck each partition during reboot, as I am continually
changing things :-) .

These errors also occur if the root partition is checked before
reboot, but are not repeated then during reboot. I hope this is

This problem does not occur with kernel 1.3.97.

Setup : VL motherboard
4 ide drives ( 2 seagate 240/540 meg,,coconnor 850 meg)
8 meg ram , 76 meg swap

100% elf (mixture of slackware/debian/redhat and others)
root partition on hdb1 100meg on seagate 540meg drive
eide 6580 H/D controller (tried with/without 6580 in kernel
and lilo)
hdparm 2.7 (tried with/without PIO modes etc enabled)
e2fs progs 1.02 on 0.5b ext2 filesystem
sysvinit 2.57b (no problems so not upgraded)
kernel 2.0.0
modules 2.0.0

I have checked this partition for disk errors, and have
recreated it after backup - no luck, no badblocks.

The errors are always in different inodes but in close proximity
to each other.

I wish to see which file(s) contain these errors
or which part of the disk.

Then I can see if it is a kernel problem or otherwise.

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