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SubjectRe: NexGen Processors and Linux kernel 2.0
On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, /* (c) 1996 dMv */ wrote:

> I run a Linux server, Currently I use kernel 1.2.13,
> though from time to time I've considered the 1.3.*'s. When 2.0.0 came out,
> I finished updating my system (got gcc-2.7.2, the new libc everything).

Most of the update WWW pages list GCC/libc/binutils as needing to be
upgraded to move to 2.0. Is this really necessary? I know doing so
(and recompiling offending programs) will get rid of
fcntl_setlk() called by process 105 (agetty) with broken flock() emulation
but I just upgraded several boxes to 2.0 while still using gcc 2.6.3 and
libc 4.7.4. These are even totally a.out systems. They seem to work,
but I've done a whole lot of testing.

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