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Subject2.0.0 lockup (was Re: NE2000 lockup in 2.0.0?)
[ Cc'ing to linux-kernel as it turns out my NE2000 clone is probably
not to blame (see below). ]

Paul Gortmaker:
> Did you hit any of the magic <Scroll-Lock> combinations to see
> if there was any life left in the kernel still?

Yes. It was a hard lockup, no life left.

> If the kernel hangs *anywhere*, it will stop servicing interrupts
> from the card, and the card will then overrun and the 8390 will
> automatically stop. So it is not so surprising that the LED
> stops blinking.

Thanks for explaining this! Funny thing is that I just got a lockup
on another machine running 2.0.0 with SMC Ultra. So it might lock
up somewhere else, sorry for the NE2000 false alarm.

No SLIP/PPP, no sound, no CD-ROM, no SCSI, both machines with IDE
drives, no kerneld, compiled as ELF with gcc-2.7.2, mostly default
config except:

IP firewalling, accounting, multicasting enabled
IP path mtu discovery disabled
IPX and full internal network enabled
ncpfs enabled (and used)
softdog enabled (didn't help this time)
RTC enabled

Feel free to ask if you need more information.

> other cards out there that out-qualify the ne2k for the most Broken As
> Designed card.

Yeah, 3c501 :-).


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