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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
> On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, Cerberus wrote:
> > I think you may have a tough time finding that. Supposedly, NTFS is a c1
> > (supposedly soon to be c2) secure file system, which means that no OS
> > except for NT is supposed to be able to read/write from it.
> Security by obscurity? The only way to achieve that goal is to encrypt the
> file system.

No, Win-NT WITHOUT NETWORKING may be able to get C1 classification,
and perhaps even C2, if MS implements all the necessary audit trail
logging mechanisms (there are zillion APIs at MS systems, which
demands zillions logging points, which ...)

If Win-NT runs file sharing, it is a sieve -- full of holes.

Oh yes, NTFS has nothing to do at how (in)secure the accessing
system is -- the only way to make sure no direct hardware reading
of the disk reveals anything is by use of the encryption, and
the NTFS is NOT encrypted!

> Johan Myreen

/Matti Aarnio <>
"trust only what you know thoroughly -- even then be sceptic"

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