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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Matti E Aarnio wrote:

> > > I think you may have a tough time finding that. Supposedly, NTFS is a c1
> > > (supposedly soon to be c2) secure file system, which means that no OS
> > > except for NT is supposed to be able to read/write from it.
> No, Win-NT WITHOUT NETWORKING may be able to get C1 classification,
> and perhaps even C2, if MS implements all the necessary audit trail
> of the disk reveals anything is by use of the encryption, and
> the NTFS is NOT encrypted!

Now I've browsed through the source for the ntfs readonly support module,
and there is no decryption involved at all, so I can only concur with you.
Micro$punge tries to claim that NTFS is a secure filesystem, bu that is
only when NT is the one and only OS available to the machine. As soon as
anything else gets hard access to the disk (i.e. not networked) there is
no protection at all.

I also had a peak at the NTFSDOS utility that makes NTFS partitions
available under DOS/Win (unfortunately no source included though) that
Micro$punge refers to in their "White paper" on NT File security, and as
far as I can understand, M$ doesn't rise any objections to implementing
NTFS "redirectors".

So I still thing it would be nice with NTFS r/w support in some of the
comming kernel versions.

//Anders Broberg

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