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SubjectRe: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
> Summary could look like:
> Proc 1: 486 (GENUINE INTEL)
> Memory: 24Mb mem, 23200k left, 256k cache
> PCI bus: <chipset info>
> Video: S3 <hardware info>
> SCSI: NCR <hardware info>
> bus 0 id 1 lun 0: CD-ROM Toshiba (scd0)
> bus 0 id 3 lun 0: DISK Seagate (sda)
> bus 0 id 5 lun 0: DISK Quantum (sdb)
> bus 0 id 6 lun 0: TAPE WangDAT (st0)
> or something more tabular. All in all one line per hardware item detected,
> nothing more (and nothing less - I'd like to know that everything is still
> alive).
> Kernel interface: depending on bootmsg level, printk is silenced (until, say,
> init is run); an extra call show_hardware() builds the summary table (or is
> converted to plain printk if bootmsg=verbose).

Or maybe we could use the bottom 3-5 lines of the screen to display
the normal boot messages and the rest for the tabular information.
It would be even better if we could limit the messages at the bottom
to just the copyright messages and error messages that need to be
Dwight Hubbard
MCI ISN Tech Support MCIMAIL: 200-1654

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