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SubjectSound config.

I'm compiling 1.3.99 right now, and I'd forgotten about that really
annoying "feature" that occurs if you enable sound support (it was
introduced in the 1.3.8x series I think...)

Every time I pick one of the sound options (and I have to do this 8 times
for my setup) it recompiles the configure program and makes a new .defines
and local.h file. Needless to say, on my 8Mb 486dx4-100 that's running a
ppp link and routing for a local LAN - the novelty of it wears off really

Is the sound configuration supposed to do this? Hang on, that's kinda
rhetorical - I guess what I really want to know is the reason behind the
sound config doing this (is it really necessary?) and if not, can it be
fixed in the next version?

Thanks :)

-- Matt

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