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Subject(fixed) 1.3.97 doesnt compile and will not compile with 2940

Thanks for your replies, guys but I know now what was my problem.
And, indeed, it was MY problem, not kernel's, not Linus', not the guy's
who wrote scsi drivers even. The problem was that when I upgraded gcc
to 2.7.2 I left /usr/lib/gcc*/i486-linux/2.7.0 directory intact and so when
the kernel was built that directory was used which caused aic*asm to fail
to generate the proper header file. I ot "Out of descriptors" error.
Well, noticing that I went to /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux (and linuxaout)
and got rid of all 2.7.0 directories. Now everything works, kernel builds
and everyone is happy. I promise to look carefully next time before I
post to linux-kernel. For example, I found another problem today -
traceroute did not work with mtu=1500 but works with mtu=296, mtu=512 and
even mtu=1499. I dont know what causes it and I will have to examine it
closely before telling linux-kernel about it about it. Oh well, I guess I
already did but then... I am incorregible :)


On Thu, 2 May 1996, Les Johnson wrote:

> Bob Allison <> writes:
> Bob> -Reply
> Bob> The last time I had problems with the aic7xxx.seq, I found I
> Bob> needed to delete the aic7xxx_asm program and let make rebuild
> Bob> that program (which is the code which converts aic7xxx.seq to
> Bob> aic7xxx_seq.h). Give that a try...
> Could be. The machine that I had this working on had the entire
> kernel untarred and compiled, that is, no patches and earlier stuff
> lying around.
> - Les Johnson

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