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Subjectrpc.nfsd problem

Somebody please help me. Below is information about my system and the
problem I had installing linux kernel 1.3.83.

1. System Info.

1.1 CPU : 486DX2
1.2 Memory : 32MB
1.3 Linux Version : 1.3.83
1.4 Gcc Version : 2.7.2
1.5 IDE Disk : Western Digital Caviar 2100 1.0GB
1.6 Disk Controller : Adaptec AVA2825VL SCSI and IDE Controller.

2. rpc.nfsd Setup and problem

2.1 I want to export some file system to my second PC running Windows for
workgroups running FTP's PC/TCP 2.3. I have setup my /etc/exports as
given below

# See exports(5) for a description.
# This file contains a list of all filesystems exported to other
# machines It is used by rpc.nfsd and rpc.mountd.

/ master(rw) trusty(rw)
/projects proj*.local.domain(rw)
/usr *.local.domain(ro)
/pub (ro,insecure,root_quash)

2.2 I have verified the network connectivity between my Linux box and
windows box. I can ping my Windows PC and do ftp etc.

2.3 rpc.nfsd problem: When ever I run rpc.nfsd I get the following error

Cannot register service: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection
unable to register(NFS_PROGRAM, NFS_VERSION, UDP).

3. Please let me know if this is known or unknown bug and if there is fix for
this problem.

Ramneek Singh Randhawa MSGID : RSRT, E-Mail :
Software Systems Engineer GROUP-ID : UNIX
UNIX Systems and Services PHONE : 214 997-2548, GROUP : N/A
Semi Conductor Group & Intl. A-Pager : 214 598-0313, Fax : 214 997-2420
Texas Instruments M/S : 8366
8330 LBJ Fwy. Dallas Tx. 75243 PC Drop : N/A

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