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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Re: Quantum Mechanics
On Mon, 27 May 1996, Bryn Paul Arnold Jones wrote:

> On Sun, 26 May 1996, Eyvind W Bernhardsen wrote:
> > On Sat, 25 May 1996, Mike Wangsmo wrote:
> >
> > [...]
> >
> > > The gist of all of that is that if the force field is sufficently stong
> > > enough and the object (maybe a curved light beam???) can reach the same
> >
> > Light doesn't curve. Light, by definition, travels in a straight line.
> > Light, also by definition, always travels the shortest distance between
> > two points. Therefore,
> Space can curve (a gravity well), and light follows a straight path in
> curved space. Therefore what ?

Therefore, I decided I couldn't be bothered to look this up, and bailed on
the thread. Unfortunately, C-x k RET doesn't work quite as well in Pine
as it does in Emacs. Anyway, since I've started, I may as well finish;
since there would be a path around the force field that would be shorter
than the path through the force field, light would take that (curved) path
as opposed to the straight one. Or, to put it another way, space would
curve around the force field. 'course, I haven't been paying much
attention to this thread, so who am I to say anything? :)

Eyvind Bernhardsen

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